A couple of days ago, I was talking to my friend about how the human psychology is very complicated. How one painful moment can affect your perception about things or how you react to certain situations. This made me realize the importance of being kind to people, because the slightest act can scar people for good.

Once we get hurt, especially by the people we love the most, we start developing psychological issues that people refer to as ‘3o2ad.’ Here are some of the issues that can be caused by pain.

#1: Fear of Commitment

This kind of fear is very common amongst different generations. It is the fear getting into a relationship and committing to someone. The person longs and wants to be in a relationship so bad, and they love immensely just like anybody else. However, the fear of failure controls them, and the idea that this person is not the right one scares them to death. These issues might have arisen because of previous failed relationships, whether theirs or that of others. Try to give those kinds of people time and make them feel safe to commit.

#2: Abandonment Issues

Having this constant feeling that people will always abandon you is very painful. It makes you hate the idea of getting attached to others because you always assume the worst, even when everything is going perfectly fine. These kinds of issues are a result of having been abandoned by either your parents or your loved ones because of death or breakups. So please, don’t become a part of someone’s life if you are going to leave them eventually!

#3: Anxiety and Depression

Feeling like you want to do exactly nothing because everything seems worthless? Yeah, that is pretty much it. Overthinking every single detail about everything in life drains you so much that you don’t have enough energy to even smile. Try surrounding yourself with positive people, take some time out when you feel that it is too much for you to handle or even visit a therapist if needed.

#4: Fear of Rejection

Have you ever been rejected too many times that you developed this constant fear of being rejected? Rejection can be in terms of relationships, jobs, love; you name it. It is okay to get rejected hundreds of times in life, because one day you will be grateful it all happened, once you get there.

#5: Trust Issues

Not being able to trust people as you used to before is what we all feel. But having trust issues is a bit different. Having trust issues means that you don’t trust people at all, even if they prove a million times that they are worthy of your trust and love. You always assume the worst, thinking they’ll hurt you just like everybody else. Maybe that is why we need to stop betraying people’s trust!

#6: Fear of Ending Up Alone

The idea of believing that you will end up alone is very scary. Imagine that some people have this idea occupying their mind almost every second of every day. No matter how much you try to convince them that they will find the right person at the right time, they never really believe it. This makes people feel bad enough that they eventually settle for people who are less than what they deserve. Don’t you ever think that you’ll end up alone; just stay positive and you will find that special person when you are BOTH ready.

#7: Self Doubt

You have been through a lot of failures, people leaving you, rejecting you and making you feel bad about yourself, so what do you do next? What you do is that you start doubting your abilities and doubting yourself. You think less of yourself, which is one of the worst things anyone can do to himself. You need to know that you are worthy regardless of how many people walked out of your life or how many bad things happened to you. It will all turn out to be great, only if you believe in yourself and the power of YOU.

The most important thing is to understand that pain can affect your psychological well-being and that of others, so always be kind!