For starters, there is no such thing as a perfect Valentine’s day, because on earth nothing is really perfect. And literally with the smallest gesture, your partner will love you 10 times more and will appreciate all those little things you do.

However, if you really want to have this flawless Valentine’s day then try to follow this list and see what happens!

#1: Start Preparing for it as Early as You Can

If you start preparing for it the day before, you’ll find that all places are fully booked and that you’ll probably end up sitting by the Corniche eating homos, because you couldn’t reserve a table at any decent place. So plan it early or else bear the consequences.

#2: Get Her Flowers and Chocolate

Yes, it is super cheesy, but girls love flowers and chocolate. Just make sure that your girl is not one of those ladies who doesn’t like flowers, otherwise, you are good to go. Chocolate can be a game changer, but don’t be silly enough to buy her the type of chocolate that she hates most.

#3: Dress to Impress

Girls spend hours trying to look good for that Valentine’s date and we hate it when we find out that you only spent 10 minutes to get ready. Wearing basics on this day is not cool, ok?

#4: Picking Her Up is a Must

Be the gentleman that you are and pick her up ON TIME; don’t arrive 2 hours later and expect the day to go fine. It is a romantic gesture that most guys underestimate its value nowadays. Otherwise, don’t start whining about why your girl is so ‘nekadeya‘.

#5: Surprise Her

You don’t need to buy her a really expensive gift, to the contrary, the more thoughtful your gift is, the more special it is. Think of a gift idea that would make her fall head over heels for you. It can be a handwritten love letter or a series of pictures in a collage of some of the best moments of you two together, along with a nice gift. And please avoid those red teddy bears because they are poison to the eye.

#6: Seem Prepared at ALL Times

A girl likes it when her man is in control, so even if you messed up real hard and you suck at planning, try to think as hard as you can and get back on track. It makes you look super sexy *wink wink*. You don’t want to be like Mohamed Heneidy in Se3eidy fl Gam3a el Amrekeya, if you know what I mean.

 #7: Pamper Her All Day Long

Even if you are already the cheesy guy, be a little bit more cheesy on this special day. Make her feel like she is the queen of this world and that you are willing to do whatever it takes to make her happy. Maker her feel like ‘heya el assas wel ba2i shonat wekyas‘ kind of feeling, she’ll love you for it!

#8: End the Day With ‘I Love You’

Ending your day with those three words will make the day even more special than it already is. Even if you both know how much you love each other, saying it out loud makes it even more special.

I hope your Valentine’s day is better than mine since I will probably spend it with my family at home talking to my imaginary partner. On a serious note, I hope you guys enjoy your Valentine’s.