Never underestimate the power of a jealous girlfriend! Honestly speaking, when a woman senses that her boyfriend is cheating on her, it’s usually right. We all know it guys and you can’t deny it. Our skills of investigating your every action can exceed those investigations done by the FBI.

Ladies I know I don’t need to tell you how to spot your cheating boyfriend, for you can already sense, but here are some basic signs.
He is always mad

For some reason, he’s always angry. Whatever you do, he will be mad. Well, this is the good one. He simply can’t face the fact that he’s cheating on you. He’s angry at himself, so he misdirects his anger at you so you always feel that you are doing something wrong and that he’s the good guy in the story. This is also a technique to avoid you getting to confront him about whatever.

Or super nice

Do you remember Boushra in “3an el 3esh2 wel Hawa”? Well, she said it all when Ahmed el Sakka admitted that he has been cheating on her. “Ya3ni eh ya3ni ana mabtadetsh a7es eny sa3ida gheir lama enta ebtadet tekhony?” Answer is yes! He played you smart! He wouldn’t let you feel that he’s away or that he started caring less about you, but rather that he’s getting better and better. In fact and to be just, some men can be nice without cheating!

Paranoia of you holding his phone

He gets paranoid every time you hold his phone, even if you just clicked the home button to check the time. And oh my God does he freak out when you decide to take a picture and go back to see it! I promise you can sometimes spot the sweat on his forehead falling down his face!

He never mentions her name

He tells you about all his other lady friends but her. He rarely speaks of her or her existence. He will never message her nor answer her calls when you are around. He will always try to make you feel that she is the least important among his all other girl friends. On the other hand, however, he likes all her pictures, leaves innocent comments on most of them, and who would ever be able to tell.

Constant excuses

“Sorry I fell asleep before calling you goodnight”, truth is sorry I didn’t call because I was with her on the phone! “Oh I can’t go out tonight but neither can you”.. Because I’m going out with her and I don’t want to get caught.

His call log

His call log is always crystal clear, as if he calls no one but you, not even his mom! And it’s okay for him to check your phone, but how dare you use his!

How to deal with him is the best part though. DUMP HIM! You don’t need this kind of bulls*** in your life. He might even confess he cheated, and that you should be thankful he told you or else you would’ve never found out. That actually can make me laugh at his face, slap him and leave. Don’t settle for less than you deserve, if he cheated once, he will do it again and again and it will never stop!