A few months ago, an odd trend started appearing in the Egyptian internet horizon. This is not at all an unusual sentence, you know, considering everything.

This trend, though, lasted more than most trends and memes, excluding the infamous Morgan Ahmed Morgan meme, of course.

The Egyptian deep web was a minefield most of us were weirded out by before we eventually embraced it, in the vein of trying on strange but lovable things.

In hindsight, maybe we embraced it a little too forcefully. We all kind of changed, afterwards. How did we change exactly? Well…

We Started Appreciating Extremely Low-Quality Memes

Before we dive into anything, we’d like to mention that we’re quite aware memes aren’t exactly designed to be high-end art. Still, there was an effort of sorts before this trend.

We have to give props to whoever came up with this trend’s poster-child, 5oste2a, though. Even through his design, 5oste2a seems to portray the bleak, darkly funny existence of the Egyptian young adult.


Our Reactions To The Google Map Voice Guy In Arabic

As soon as the videos started coming through, we all recognized the voice. It’s kind of hard to shrug that voice into the bin of forgetfulness because it’s that distinctive.

Enter 5oste2a and friends with a variety of voices taken from the voice-over people in Google Maps and suddenly listening to the actual thing is just hilarious.

5osteqa 2

We Barely Glance At Spelling Mistakes

Remember back in the late 2000’s and early 2010’s when you were a stickler for grammar? Yeah, neither do we now.

Grammar has become overrated and the photos say more than we can ever do, really.

spelling mistakes

spelling mistakes 2

Instant Tears At Mentions Of A “Makana Seeny”

Way back when, we all had a somewhat hidden rivalry with That Other Kid.

You know the one. The one who gets all the praise, even if it’s for something ordinary or, worse, for a joke you said in class in a quiet voice.

Sarsaj steals the girl

It was more than a little irritating, so it’s only natural we find ourselves drawn to 5oste2a’s side in his largely one-sided fight against Sarsaj, who always gets the win in the end through the power of crass charm and motorbikes.

We Love Green Caps Now

Although not a popular aesthetic choice, this green cap is now a symbol of the downtrodden and the really-down-on-their-luck crowd.

green cap

After the impact the deep web has left on our senses of humor and Facebook accounts, we just have one thing to say.

Where’s 5oste2a’s hashtag?