Remember life before internet? Remember when we used to be ourselves and being fake was just for people who didn’t have a life? Remember when we accepted who everyone was? Now, people alter their lives, and sometimes they even edit how they look, fixing all their flaws! I think the internet has become more of a curse than a blessing, it made us fake who we really are and actually get away with it. This is how we’ve become:


Remember when we didn’t need anybody’s likes to know that we had an awesome night or life? Remember when we didn’t need 2,345 friend’s approval on what we wear?!! People actually cared to call and wish you a happy birthday, not ”post on your profile”. Be yourself no matter what!



Popularity has become measured by the amount of followers or “stalkers” you have. The sad part is, people now actually brag about having more “stalkers” than friends! Not everyone who follows you is your friend!


Inability To Think

“Why think when we could Google anything in the world?” This is the new generation’s motto. No matter how tiny or stupid the info. we’re looking for is, websites like Google and Wikipedia are just there; even if we know that these sites are not 100% credible, we still choose them over thinking for ourselves any day in the week. We’ve become suckers for laziness!



What happened to coming up with our own ideas? Remember when we did gestures or favors out of  love not, because we saw it in a movie or read it in an article? Originality is an option too, because coming up with the idea ourselves has a much greater impact!!


Internet has it’s pros and cons just like everything else in the world. Internet helps people communicate around the world, creating some of the biggest recent political moves, provides lots of information and other significant details that people need- we must not forget that!