Have you ever encountered the catastrophe of a young beautiful lady with an apparent lack of manner and etiquette? NO? Lucky you are.  A woman’s lack of class is much like a supposedly very delicious dish lacking spices, disappointing.

Etiquette makes social situations easier to cope with. Besides, having good manners is a key to showing and attaining respect. By knowing what’s ill-mannered, you will be more confident in yourself and likely more loved by others! And who doesn’t want to be a darling?


Here are some rules for the long term YOU.

1- Don’t swear or use unpolished expressions. Vulgarity is one of the least lady-like traits. Continuously use refined language.

2- If you want to sound classy, then you have to speak clearly and avoid mumbling or talking too loudly. Be an eloquent speaker.

3- Avoid being mistaken for a snob. Be considerate of others.

4- Classy ladies are social and at ease with others. The key to doing this lies in making the people you meet feel at ease and accepted.Make people comfortable.

5- A good start is to always be polite and to say thank you once too often rather than too little. Perfect your etiquette.

6- Nastygossips or speaking badly of people behind their back is not very lady-like. Though you may be angry at someone or feel wronged, gossiping about it to a third party will not solve your problems. Avoid gossiping about others.

7- Being classy and polite does not in any way mean being a sucker or voicing opinions that are not your own. If you believe that your opinions may be too forceful or may be hurtful to those present, do not lie, but change the topic to something else. If someone asks ashameless question, do not feel obliged to answer – make a joke, or endeavor to turn the question around. Stand up for yourself with dignity.

“Eliquette means behaving yourself a little better than is absolutely essential” Will Cupp