Most people expect wives to be perfect; they should happily and willingly attend to their house work, husbands and children. Some have the misconception that the husband’s main duty is to financially provide for his family, when it’s never only about that. Here’s how to be a caring husband; trust us it’s much easier than you think.

Make her feel that she can count on you

If she needs you, you have to be there for her and that goes the other way round too! If you’re married, you need to always be there for your wife, watch her back and be her crying shoulder in times of trouble.

Support and respect her legitimate dreams

Whether your wife is a career-oriented woman or a typical housewife, she needs your support and understanding either way. Don’t belittle her dreams and goals.

Lose the attitude

If she’s a housewife, she does physically demanding house work to make sure everything is in proper order for you and the kids. She probably waits for you to finally return home from work so she can chitchat, because chances are she misses you. Think of how disappointing it might be for her when you come back home with a grumpy attitude instead of a warm smile. On the other hand, if she is a working woman, she probably also has her fair share of stressful work issues but she’s still struggling to somehow figure out the right balance between her house duties and her career. Support her and prioritise her career like you would your own.

Break the routine

Take her on surprise vacations even if it’s just for a short duration. One can never emphasize enough the therapeutic benefits of getting away, and how positively it can affect both of you.

Help her with house chores

House work can be a tedious heavy duty sometimes, especially if your wife is a working mom who doesn’t rely on house help. It’s too much to expect her to efficiently multitask and juggle all these things on her own. It wouldn’t make you less of a man to lend your wife a hand with the dishes or help your children with their homework from time to time.

Ditch your play station for her

It’s perfectly alright to assign some ‘me’ time for yourself so you can unwind and have fun; however, if it reaches a point when you’re always engaged in activities that don’t involve her, it becomes highly irritating and annoying!! Try putting yourself in her shoes.