One of your guy friends asked you out to a party, thinking it would be fun you agreed on going. You get all dolled up, from your hair to your shoes and you’re feeling your look. The problem is, that’s the only thing you’ve got going for you tonight. You don’t know the host or any of the guests, and you’re stuck on the arm of the one who invited you.

Usually when this happens, you become an accessory for the guy you’re with. None of us want that, but showing your personality and getting along with everyone might be challenging when you have to start from zero. Here are some tips to have fun at a party and be more than just eye candy.

1. Stay true to your style

Let’s be real, people judge you by your looks. It’s only normal. No one would know that you carry two masters and have an IQ of 140 at first glance before talking to you. You can show your personality before the first word is shared, however, by dressing like it.

2. Introduce yourself to people

Don’t wait until you get introduced, introduce yourself. As soon as you’re approaching the group you’ll be with, tell them who you are and start making small talk. If you wait until you’re introduced, it’ll give the vibe that you’re only an accessory, and chances are no one will approach you for any further conversations.

3. Don’t try to steal the spotlight

This party isn’t about you. If you try to steal the spotlight, you’ll make yourself, and the friend who invited you, look bad.

4. If it’s a house party, offer to help the host

It’s a great way to get to know them, and show them that you’re not a freeloader. It will also give others a good impression of you.

5. Whether you’re dating the one who invited you or not, don’t flirt with others

Again, it’ll make you and your friend look bad. While in theory, there is nothing wrong with flirting with someone you like at a party, realistically it’ll put harsh judgment about you and your friend from others.

6. You shouldn’t stick to your friend all the time, but don’t drift away

Stick with your friend’s group. Drifting to other groups will make you look rude, because they’ll take it as if you’re not interested in them.

7. If all else fails, be genuine and admit it

If you share with the ones you are sitting with that you’ve failed to be as sociable with them as you wanted, it’s a great way to start a conversation and get to know each other. You’re giving them the green light that you want to chat with them and not just be an accessory.