perfect girlfriend

We all want to be the perfect girlfriend to our ‘allegedly perfect boyfriends‘, but sometimes we just need a little bit of guidance. So why wouldn’t there be a manual that explains what a perfect girlfriend is really like?

Realistically speaking, there is no such thing as a perfect girlfriend, otherwise don’t date until you go to your afterlife and choose an angel instead. But if there is any, then you are already that perfect girlfriend, daa!

In an effort to make you a ‘more’ perfect girlfriend, I asked lots of my guy friends about their dream girl, and here is what I got.

#1: Give Him Some Personal Space

I know how you always want to take care of him, it’s like a natural instinct, but at times you need to let loose. Maybe it’s hard at first, because you probably want to spend the maximum amount of time with him and know every detail about his day, but baby girl, he needs to have his own alone time, or time with friends to be able to function properly.

#2: Stop Being Naggy AKA ‘Zanana’

We can all argue that this is a stupid stereotype about Egyptian ladies, but come on, some of us are really a pain in the a**. Don’t call him every 5 minutes asking ‘Enta kwayes ya habibi?’. I mean, of course he is! Unless he was hit by car during those past 5 minutes, then he won’t be able to answer! It makes them feel suffocated, believe me.

#3: Be One of the ‘Shabab’ at Times

All guys want their girlfriends to be good friends with their guy friends, because it makes life easier for them. It doesn’t mean that you need to be a ‘shab’ at all times. But it wouldn’t hurt if you went out with them a couple of times, accepted their way and actually made them like you.

#4: Don’t Be Like ‘Mafeesh’, When You’re Sad

I do that at times, but good thing I’m currently not seeing anyone. But for all the girlfriends out there, it is extremely annoying for him to ask you a million times and receive the same exact answer of ‘mafeesh.’ Try to communicate what’s bothering you within the first couple of times, and he will feel like he is blessed with the most amazing girl.

#5: Don’t Give Him Reasons to Be Jealous

Sometimes girls use this as a weapon, when they are mad at their boyfriends. But I think this is getting old, unless you are still in middle school, and frankly speaking you shouldn’t be dating at all! It shows how immature you are if you keep making him jealous on purpose. Instead, make him feel secure in that department. Of course don’t alter your way of living significantly because of him. All what I am saying is just try not to give him reasons to feel jealous.

#6: Trust Him

I know that some guys don’t deserve that, especially if they lied before or got caught in a scheme that involves girls. But if he was straight with you from day one, then he should earn your trust. Stop questioning his integrity or any move he makes because it makes them go crazy. Otherwise, how can you live with someone you don’t trust?

#7: Quit ‘Tafahet el Banat’

I am sorry to say this, but if all your arguments are about ‘why were you online and didn’t reply on WhatsApp’ or ‘why did you like that girl’s picture on Instagram’, then you don’t actually have a life. Five years from now you won’t even care; all of these tiny details won’t even matter. So why make a fight out of a last seen or a stupid thing as long as you both love and appreciate one another?

#8: Don’t Expect Him to Always do All the Effort

You are part of the relationship as well, so do as much effort as he does. Make compromises and be gentle. I am not asking you to overdo it. I am just asking you to put as much effort as he does.

#9: Encourage Him and Support Him

We are living in a time where guys need to make lots and lots of effort to be adequate for marriage. They need to work hard to earn a living, to be able to provide and fulfill all the marriage requirements. Guys love it when you are supportive; it makes them want to give even more.

PS: We don’t mean to stereotype; we are just addressing some of the problems that guys in their early 20’s face with their significant others.