“When you look like a confident person on the outside, you’ll be approached as one by the world around you.” But only when you feel confident on the inside as well, you’ll have it all. Feeling good is the goal here, and here’s how to achieve it.

1. Look Your Best

Close up of woman applying mascara

Of course confidence is not only about your physical appearance and outer looks. But guess what, being satisfied with the way you look actually makes you feel happier and more confident to walk out the door knowing that you simply rock! It helps you get on with your day much easier and most importantly, makes you feel good.

2. Dress Well

calvin klein tshirt

We all get those days when we just feel like we want to throw on whatever is comfortable and leave. But why don’t you make a little bit extra effort to find out your right style that would make you feel good, and look good! Knowing how to dress well is the key to being confident. Picking your perfect fit and knowing your style and what suits you, is the number one way to looking good and feeling good.

3. Don’t Think Negatively

girls comparing themselves to each other

No, they’re not staring at nothing but you. They’re not laughing at you. You are not a joke. There’s nothing wrong with the way you look. Stop thinking that you don’t fit in and that they’re better than you; no one is better than you. You’re good enough. Everyone’s perfect the way they are. So don’t let negative thoughts get to you. Be more confident and don’t compare yourself or your life to others. Be yourself!

4. Act Gentle


Being nice and demonstrating good manners is a way to gain people’s respect and lead a happier life. Be a little quiet, don’t laugh out loud at literally anything, be gentle and be kind. Help people around you and respect others. Avoid physical altercations and know how to make an appropriate conversation. All of these things help you interact better with people and make you more lovable and popular.

5. Achieve a Goal

achieving a goal

No matter how simple your goal is, whatever it is you have in mind… Achieving a goal you’ve always wanted to come true is a way of boosting your self-confidence levels to the max! This makes you believe in yourself and your powers more, and you’ll feel that you can do anything you set your mind to. Do a small challenge, feeling the success makes you more confident. Try it!