As much as we know you love your overly dramatic girl, sometimes it’s too much. When dealing with her sudden outbursts, sometimes you tiptoe to avoid saying anything that would make it worse. However, there are tactics to stop the tiptoeing and deal with it!

Understand Why She’s So Dramatic

Not all girls are dramatic, yet the extensively dramatic girlfriends are usually victims of an emotional complex. Granted, it’s not your fault, but you signed up for her dude!

Don’t Reward Her Behavior 

Giving your girlfriend attention is definitely a must. Just don’t suck into her drama too much. Surrendering to her drama will only encourage her to do it more often, and we don’t want that, do we?

Understand Her Tricks

Be able to distinct the difference between a real issue and one she’s just blowing out of proportion.

Understand Why You’re the Bearer of Drama 

Your girl is just depending on you to clean up her emotional mess. Although sometimes painfully annoying, think about it… it’s kinda sweet, isn’t it?

Replenish Yourself

After a tough ride on your girlfriend’s roller-coaster, treat yourself, and her of course. Take a walk, get some ice cream, eat a burger, or just take a nap. It takes time and effort to calm down.

Dealing with a dramatic girlfriend could be hard, but maybe following these simple tips, can make it a bit little easier. Have fun!