In Cairo, the heat is starting to subside and it’s even a bit chilly at night. Yes folks, Fall is upon us, this time of year when we all face fashion confusion. It’s still hot in the morning so we can’t get out our winter clothes, and it’s a bit cold at night for summer outfits.

Now, you could either dedicate a whole budget just for fall fashion or you could turn your favorite summer pieces into fall outfits. Here are 6 easy tricks that will help you survive fall season!

Spin Your Dresses

If you’re a girl who can’t do without her dresses, don’t worry. As the colder seasons approach, you can still enjoy the easy-going slip ins. Although there are several ways to turn a dress to a fall outfit, our favorite hack is pairing it with a denim or leather jacket. You will look super hip and you won’t catch a cold!

Get Your Boots Out

Let’s admit it, if you wear a mid-heel biker boot over anything, it will instantly give your outfit a fall/winter vibe. Boots are just an autumn staple that will make your summer outfits warmer and more functional.

Invest In Blazers

This fall, blazers should be your best friend. Other than being so in this season, they’re also practical and could basically fit any occasion. You could wear it for a morning meeting and at night, glam it up with accessories for a hot hip look!

Wrap Around A Scarf

On a lazy day, all you can get yourself to do is getting out of bed, opening the closet and wearing the first thing your eyes fall on. No judgment, just know that you can still turn this into a good looking outfit with the least amount of effort. Just throw on a warm colored scarf and you’re good to go.

Have A Statement Jacket

If you think that statement pieces are not your thing, think again. While statement earrings and necklaces could be too much, a statement jacket is a fall must. You could wear it with something as simple as jeans and a basic shirt and you’ll still manage to look laid-back chic!

Rock Your Sportswear

Another cool fashion trick you need to know about is “Athlesuire.” Or the art of recycling your sportswear into cool casual outfits. Go out and about in your favorite leggings or tights; pair them with white chunky sneakers and a light jacket. Active wear is no longer restricted to the gym, y’all!

There, every tip and trick from the fashion book to double-use your summer outfits. We know we all want to save up for the real winter outfits, right?