We’ve all been there at least once. We’ve all done something online that is all different kinds of shameful and all different shades of mortifying. Here are some of the many, many ways you can absolutely and utterly embarrass yourself on social media:


Like Someone’s 75-Week-Old Picture on Instagram: 


One minute you think you’re uber sleek, stealthily stalking someone’s Instagram profile and the next you’re in full-on panic mode contemplating how you can erase the notification from their activity feed.

Tip: pack your bags, move to China and never look back.  

Like All of Someone’s Profile Pictures in a Row After They Accept Your Friend Request: 


The ultimate creep move. Sure, in your head you think you’re impressing them or catching their attention, but in reality you’re actually just creeping the hell out of them and making them regret ever accepting your friend request.

Tip: Just never do this again.

Retweet and Favourite Every Single One of their Tweets:


I think you’re just better off standing outside their house with a “I’ve Been Stalking The Hell Out of Your Accounts” banner.

Tip: the above comment was your tip, do that and save yourself the trouble of having to withstand slow internet to express your interest.

Write Status Updates that Make Zero Sense: 


Please explain to me why a rational person would ever have to go through the trouble of writing “I don’t feel like talking to anyone. Leave me alone”  as their status. Um, just don’t talk to anyone and leave your status out of it.

Tip: Oversharing is not caring. 

Taking a Screenshot Intentionally or Accidentally on Snapchat:


No, I’m not talking about talking screenshots of your best friend’s embarrassing snap to be used later for blackmail. I’m talking about taking a screenshot of the snap of someone you barely know, or worse, someone you’re crushing on, either on purpose or by total mistake. Creepy doesn’t even begin to describe this.

Tip: Try and live through this till they forget about it- who am I kidding? All hope is lost. 

To sum up, we’ve all been there; the online world is like bait that leads us to totally embarrassing ourselves. Oh well, our unbeatable sense of humour should hopefully get us through the embarrassment.