Being alone does not have to mean you’re lonely; sometimes you need to take yourself out and treat it right. There are days when you just need to getaway and distance yourself from all the noise, nonsense and negativity surrounding you lately, and just RELAX enjoying the company of you and yourself.


Here are some tips on how to enjoy your own company:


Take some time to finish the book you have been reading for the past few weeks, or go to the bookstore and buy one of the latest bestselling novels. Reading is a magical experience which allows you to travel to different worlds and meet new people. It is definitely one of the most pleasurable activities.



What could be a better mood lifter than exercising? Hit the gym and work out, or even better go for an outdoor jog. Take up a kickboxing class; keep  banging that sandbag till you get it all out. Ladies, dance your feet off in a Zumba class!!


3-Go to the movies:

Who doesn’t like movies?? We’d all love to watch a movie without that nagging friend who keeps on ruining it for everyone or the one who fiddles with their phones then bombards us with the “what happened” question!! Go to the movies all by yourself; choose a comedy or an animated film; buy a large sized popcorn and a soda; choose a distant seat, and enjoy those 2 hours of solitude.


4-Go for a walk:

Go for a walk on a beautiful sunny day. Besides its health benefits, it is also so much fun as it gives you the chance to explore new streets, landmarks, and places to add to your “want to visit” list. If you’re a dog owner, take your dog for a walk in the park.

Walking around the streets is both fun and adventurous; you can take my word for that!!



5-Listen to music:

Music is indeed a mood booster. Lock yourself in your room; turn up the music and sing to the top of your lungs. Don’t mind what the neighbours might think; they probably hate you for making so much noise already.


6-Take yourself out on a date:

Have a fancy meal in your favourite restaurant, or in one of the places you’ve recently discovered while roaming around the city. Or even better, go out for pizza!! Afterwards, you can even treat yourself to ice cream.


7-Pursue your hobbies:

Most people have long lost hobbies which they haven’t had time to pursue or keep up with, whether singing, dancing, drawing or playing musical instruments. The nostalgic feeling is enough to make you wish to repeat it at least once a week.


8-Visit places:

We all have a list of places we’ve been dying to visit: cafes, restaurants, art galleries or landmarks. Take some time out and visit them; don’t forget to take lots of pictures.



It’s summer time!! All you need is a backpack with a bathing suit and a couple of outfits. You don’t have to travel abroad; beautiful vacation spots are abundant in Egypt. Spending a couple of days off solo on the beach is the ultimate relaxation trip and definitely an experience to die for.










Having done all that, you’ll feel ready to face the world once more. Trust me; you would love to repeat it over and over again.