1. Never look up to those super models in Magazines. Always put in mind that there was a whole team of makeup artist, hair dresser and stylist who worked on her to make her look that pretty. Not to mention Photoshop. Most of these models are either not healthy or don’t look that good in real life.

2. Don’t compare yourself to other girls out there. Every girl is unique in a different way; you might not have the perfect Victoria Secret model body or a flawless face like that actress you saw in some movie, but you do have something that these girls don’t have.

3. Don’t keep worrying about something that you can’t change; you may be too short, too tall, you may have thin eyebrows that you don’t like or big ears, but worrying about them will only depress you and make you feel desperate. You were born this way and you can’t change that, so instead of worrying about it, learn to love and accept it.

4. Personality has a big impact on the way you look and how people see you. Happiness, smiles and optimism make you look beautiful. Anger and sadness don’t. So chose your attitude wisely.

5. Some people need to invest more on their looks. If you don’t have the perfect skin, use foundation, if you don’t have nice hair, go to the hairdresser every now and then or maybe buy some hair treatments you can do at home.


Some tips to boost your confidence:

1.Practice the things you’re good at

2. Challenge yourself

3. Do a good deed

4. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes

5. Smile

6. Stay positive

7. Hold eye contact and you’ll seem sure of yourself

8. List your good traits

9. Get fit and eat healthy

10. Dump the past

11. Look forward to something

12. Learn a new craft

13. Never bend your head

14. Face your fear

15. Know your goals

“My theory is that if you look confident you can pull off anything, even if you have no clue what you’re doing.” –Jessica Alba