Trust me, I know the feeling! Your heart has been shattered into tiny bread crumbs by the guy you really liked; you can’t seem to get him out of your mind and it’s killing you. I mean how can it not? He was the thought that helped you get out of bed every morning and kept you smiling like an idiot all day. And now, he’s gone.

You’re sick of thinking about him 24/7, whereas he obviously doesn’t care half as much as you do. You think “I don’t deserve this; I’m not his five-minute cigarette break. He can’t just put me out after lighting me up.” You gaze at your sad face in the mirror, and finally decide: I need to move on.

Look at the bright side! There are ways to get over him, and excuse the cliché, but time really does heal. So, stop crying, and start reading.

1. Cut off all ties

It’s a lot easier to stop holding on when you don’t see or hear from him. Eventually, your feelings will fade away and will be replaced with tranquility.

2. Stop waiting for him to call


False expectations will get you nowhere. The reason your heart won’t stop hurting is that you’re still carrying around all that hope. Drop it! Bury it, and walk all over it. Go to sleep, he won’t text.

3. Be around friends and family

You need to keep your mind off things right now. What’s a better way to do that than to hangout and have a good laugh with the people who truly care about and love you? Plan a girls’ night out or just communicate with them. They’ll understand and will always be there to listen.

4. Write it all down

One thing that helped me get over this guy I’ve liked for a while is that I made a list of all the things I hated about him. At first, I wasn’t fully convinced when I created it, but later on it was a solid reminder of why we can never be together. Keep a journal of all your feelings; it’s one of the best ways to rant and let things out.

5. Stop stalking their profile

Please, oh please, I’m begging you: Stop tormenting yourself by doing this. It’ll only brainwash you and allow all feelings to rush back in through the iron gates. Fight the urge to click his name or view his new profile photo; you’re way above this. Instead, stalk your favourite celebrity!

6. The 5 stages of loss and griefo-GIRL-CRYING-facebook

Denial and isolation, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and finally Acceptance. That’s right; those apply to relationships and heartbreaks too! Understanding where you are on the road to heart recovery is a big deal. Therefore, explore which stage are you currently in until you ultimately reach your grand prize: embracing and accepting things the way they are. Hopefully, it won’t take you long to get there.

7. It’s okay to cry and be upset

You’re only human; crying about it every now and then is absolutely normal. Don’t be too harsh on yourself or think that it’s ridiculous to be this upset. If crying is the way to feel peaceful, then by all means, do it more often!

8. Do the things you love


I honestly can’t stress this one enough: there’s no more suitable time for you to focus on YOU than now. Exercise, go out for a fancy dinner, read that book you love, watch movies, and treat yourself. Engage in activities that will make you, and only you, happy and smiling again; no one else is as important.

9. Fall in love with someone else

You can’t eat chocolate and cry forever; it’s time to get back on the field, but not too quickly. All I’m asking you is to take a trip down memory lane and remember WHY it didn’t work out with the last person, before you decide to initiate any new action. Learn from your previous mistakes and consider them as lessons learnt. On the bright side, being fond of someone new will unfailingly wipe out any old feelings. It’s almost like hitting two birds with one stone.


Happy healing!

By Guest Contributor: Menna Mahdy