By: Yara Tarek

How many times was your friend casually throwing a sarcastic comment and you just couldn’t laugh like the rest? Instead, you wanted to cry. You felt attacked and the comment really sank down deep into your heart. You’re destabilized for the rest of the day. You might even experience anxiety, depression and guilt.

There’s a reason why you’ve felt like this, it’s because this is an emotional trigger.

We all experience emotional triggers, because at some point we’ve all been through something that traumatized us or caused us so much pain.


What Are Emotional Triggers?

They’re basically anything that recalls or helps a painful memory or trauma to resurface again. It can be a tone of voice, a smell, a face, a place, a gesture or even a word. It’s very sudden that you don’t even know why you’re taking this so seriously. *Why am I crying over this?*


Why Emotional Triggers Are A Real Struggle?

Anything can be a trigger; a scene from a movie, a date or  just literally anything.

Your subconscious was built to protect you from the pain you experience through life, which is great. But sometimes your subconscious mind takes over, turning your fear into a mechanism for survival that could possibly ruin your whole life.

For example, when you were younger your best-friend left you for no good reason…you grew up with the fear of getting too close to people…because you’ll get hurt again.

In any relationship following a good amount of time after this painful experience, you might start to distance yourself from people around you and simply end the relationship…You’re freaking out…*your subconscious mind is practically controlling you, to protect you from getting hurt again*

How to Deal with Your Emotional Triggers?

First thing you have to try and do is to identify your triggers, what caused you to panic? what did the person say? Which situation are you in right now? How do you feel about it? What are you thinking about right now? What does your body feel like?

Write them down, write down everything…all details about what triggered you, and even the things you’re still not so sure about.

Avoid places that are triggers if you can, we know how impossible that sounds like. We don’t mean some places you have to be in…But if there are places you can avoid for the time being, please do.

Try relaxing mechanisms, deep breaths, exercising, choosing a physical position that will comfort you right now like hugging your knees, straightening your back, closing your eyes, swimming and taking a hot bath.

Social support; surround yourself with a group of people who know what you’ve been through, and who will encourage and help you out.

Seek distraction through watching movies or video chatting with a friend, reading a book or listening to calming music, long walks, anything that will keep your mind off things.

Go to a therapist. We know how most people think it’s not worth it, we all have triggers, so what? But it’s really important to try and heal through therapy, if you can’t get past what’s hurting you. Honestly you can’t live your whole life in a series of anxiety and depression episodes.  

It’s hard to struggle with emotional triggers; to have to over-react to many things which seem very normal to others or feel like you’re being too sensitive. The best thing any of us can do is try to cope with them until we’re healed. So, we are going to try.