How to keep your mental health in check during self-quarantine

In the light of current events regarding the pandemic, we can all see how life’s getting a tad too stressful for the vast majority. Most countries are on lock-down, people are self-isolating, and all anyone can do is check the global number of Coronavirus cases.

If you suffer from any kind of mental health disorder or your normal levels of anxiety are skyrocketing right now, this article is for you.

We scoured all possible sources to gather up the most important tips on how you can keep your mental health in check during your self-quarantine.

Don’t over-Google it

While it may seem like you’re only doing your part by staying informed, over-googling does your more harm than good. For one thing, you’ll probably read into a lot of misinformation or hysteria-driven rants.

For another thing, this over-googling will not do anything to help your mental health and your worrying. In fact, it will compound it, which will be the last thing you need.

Make a daily goals’ checklist

During this self-quarantine, you may find yourself struggling as life seems to have come to a stop and you have way too much time now. This much free time may lead you to thinking/feeling the worst, which is why many advise that you should develop a daily, consistent routine.

However, if you can’t abide by routine, you don’t have to. All you have to do is set yourself daily goals to keep your day productive and in-check. Your goals can range from finishing a half-read book to joining an online course or even watching a movie from your watch-list.

Set aside time for worrying

Let’s get real for a few seconds. We know that even if we tell you to avoid all news and not worry, you’ll still be worrying your guts out. And that’s actually normal, because the situation does call for some worrying.

However, you cannot and should not spend your days worrying because that’s not at all healthy and will invite a sense of hopelessness into your life. If you must, set aside some time to worry and share your fears with someone you trust in order to purge it out of your system.

Stay connected with others

For many people with mental health disorders, hanging out with friends and being out and about is one of the many ways to cope. In the quarantine stage, however, this isn’t really possible. But that doesn’t mean you have to stop communicating.

Make a point to video or voice-call your friends and distant family members, make a point to keep communication going so you don’t actually feel isolated and cut off.

Seek help from available therapists online

Although we try our best to give you the best on-hand tips we can find, there are some things that will forever be out of our jurisdiction.

This is why if things get tough with your mental health during this lock-down and none of the tips seem to work, you’ll need to consider following up with any of the available online therapy platforms.

You can sign up with Psychologist in Egypt, the Wellness Hub, Heal Counselling Center, Exist, Maadi Psychology Center, and Esma3ly, all of which have online, video sessions.

Stay safe and keep your mental health in check. It will pass.