By: Lamiss El-Fayoumi

In every relationship, there are signs that indicate its destiny, whether it will be successful or will doom to an abject failure. Some people can see these signs and act as if nothing’s wrong though.

Nowadays, we hear of a lot of divorces or break ups! This maybe the result of wrong choices or that one party cannot stand or understand the other party’s needs or flaws of character. As we all know, if you fall in love with someone, you have to be accountable to the words “I love you”, which means I will always be there for you, will put up with you in all conditions, and face all difficulties or problems together.

Here comes the most important questions which arise from the stories I hear from friends around me: “Why is it that the right person always seems to end up with the wrong one?” or “Why can’t any party of the relationship realize that they got a gift from God until after they break up ?” Moreover, the most famous statement you can hear from either party: “I tried everything I can to save this relationship, but in vain.” Why does everyone try to act like an angel? Why don’t we have the courage to confess that we mistreat others, or say I did something that turned everything upside down and hurt my soulmate.

Some general attributes such as excessive jealousy, lack of attention to the other party, lack of trust and so many other things can all lead to the same destination, the failure of the relationship. But there are also some other unadaptable flaws like selfishness, rudeness and thanklessness that can further damage it.

What is really noteworthy nowadays and happens in most cases, is that one party insists to end the relationship during its very early stages, as if they have an instructions manual for “How to lose your partner”.

Some flaws will definitely have any female lose her guy; being a ”drama queen“ is one of the most prominent ones. Our Egyptian guys can’t bear all of this drama, “nafashom 2osayar”. They like their women to be dependent, not capable of taking any decisions by themselves. Yes, he likes you to show your weakness in front of him, but not to that extent.

Every man likes to feel free and enjoy his own personal space. He can adore you, but will still run away as fast as he can if you invade his space. Another mistake females often fall for is trying to change him. Our guys strongly believe that if their partners loved them, they would bear all their flaws. Don’t be too demanding either. Every woman likes her man to surprise her, but don’t expect very expensive gifts. Being critical of him all the time is also very frustrating.

On the other hand, Egyptian guys are the most talented when it comes to break ups! A man can do his best to win her heart then begins to complicate everything and starts acting like “Si Elsayed”. “Do not speak or laugh this way, do not share your photos on social media, return home early …. Etc.” They do not text her back, forget special events such as her birthday or their anniversary, not compliment her look, refuse to meet her parents or talk about his ex. ……. Etc.

All these small slip-ups can be very damaging to the relationship on the long run; be careful not to lose your partner.