Ah! Road trips – you wait from vacation to vacation so you can get in the car, and take a long ass road to the furthest you could get from home, you can have the time of your life during this road trip or you can die (out of boredom… sincerely what I meant!)

Here’s how you can entertain yourself and the others during this trip:

-First Asleep Is The First To Whip:


If an unlucky member falls asleep before the rest, torture and pranks ceremony can begin!

– Playlists



Your Ipod is a very essential tool in this road trip, cause when you guys are out of things to talk about, it’s the only thing that’ll keep you from killing each other.

-Munchies and Drinks For The Road:


You need to do a proper munchies shopping before you hit the road. It’ll keep you full and deliciously satisfied through out the trip.

-Road Games:


Road games are really entertaining if you are playing with the right people ( PS keep the competitive people out of it)


Whether it’s a 2 hour trip, or even a 4 hour trip, it won’t even matter as long as you have the right people with you. Just pick the right company.