Let’s admit it we all make wrong choice and stupid purchases when it comes to make up; whether it is following a new craze or you were hypnotized by the sales person convincing charms, each one of us has at least three or four shades of lipstick that are completely off; here are some tricks you can use because no lipstick should be left behind.

Let’s start with a common issue: lipstick that turns out to be too dark. Dab a peachy-nude like MAC’s Peachstock in the center of your lips and blend the edges with your fingertips to mix the colors together.

Another quick fix? use a shimmery lip gloss over the dark color; The shimmer in the gloss will reflect the light, making the color overall appear lighter.

Lipstick that’s too light. It is simple; apply a sheer, reddish brown over the top to deepen the pale color.

To event up a pale shade of rouge, play up your play up your eyes with some smokey hue or use some bronzer to warm up your face.

A frosty pink is another shade that not so many ladies like; mix the cool shade with a warm shade of orange to give some life to your lips.

Finally for a bolder, richer and more even look, fill in your lips with a same-colored lip-liner first; this work best for dark reds, purple and solid orange.