We all know how much it sucks to have to stick to a shopping budget. Identity has decided to put together some ideas on how to make the utmost of that budget. You can make use of your holiday away using these tips when shopping.

1.Online Shops:

How To Shop On A Budget

AKA your new bestfriend. Nothing beats lying in bed with a sandwich while going through hundreds of racks one click at a time. Identity compiled a list of the most affordable, yet the trendiest, stores that offer a plethora of different styles and sizes all at once:

How To Shop On A Budget

This is where you can purchase artwork in the form of clothes. Most products are either handmade or vintage. The website gives insights on the materials included in each product; it has a wide range of choices from punk studded denim jackets to 60s floral and hippie dresses.

How To Shop On A Budget

All about Hot Topic. This shop is a goldmine to all subgroup followers out there.

How To Shop On A Budget

Who says you can’t be sexy if you don’t have much to spend? From club dresses to cheeky corsets with garters, Blackheart is for those of you not afraid to push boundaries. If catwoman shopped online, this is where she’d shop.

How To Shop On A Budget

We absolutely love this bohemian paradise. This is a hippie’s avant-garde apparel. The material is absolutely snug and prices are wholly joyful!

2.Do It Yourself!

How To Shop On A Budget

Making your own clothes is completely enjoyable. All you will need is old clothes or fabric from your own wardrobe which you can then upgrade using simple material to match your current style. The internet is cramped with DIY tutorials on how to transform your old clothes from gowns to tie dye shirts. Another option is tshirt printing shops, where you can purchase a basic tee or tank of your preference and print whichever designs you like on them, perfect for band merch.

3.Thrift Shops:


Thrift shopping can be a bit tricky but it’s where you can channel your inner 90s kid. Tips for a successful day of thrift shopping:

-Give the surface level of each garment a serious eyeball for stains or signs of damage.

-Match pieces together and don’t be afraid of getting out of your style’s comfort zone; vintage is very beautiful.

-Take “time out” from thrifting to evaluate your goods based on initial gut reactions.