Talking sex soon:

When the woman is a player, she talks sex too soon. With the man, he will start talking sex immediately.


The way he looks at women:

If he compliments women overly much and flutters his eyelashes at every girl that passes by, you should be cautious because a good guy will normally stay focused on you (espically at the beginning)


Falling very hard very fast:

It’s cute and fulfilling, but think about it, is it normal? In normal relationships, men and women get to know each other first, then start falling in love. But if you feel showered with phone calls and text messages when you first meet, don’t be flattered, be wary and suspicious.


His phone:

It’s not a very good sign if he doesn’t take many calls when you’re together… It’s normal not to pick up the phone every time it rings to avoid interruption, but if it’s very frequent, then its abnormal.


Jealousy and possessiveness:

A relationship is based on trust, so if he starts getting overly protective or jealous too soon, it means he doesn’t trust you, which gives you the perfect reason to never trust him in return.


Hot and cold:

Yes, like the song. Mood swings are not very promising. Wanting to marry you today, but thinking you’re rushing into things too fast tomorrow is a humongous signal that you need to pick up on. He’s telling you he’s not mature and not ready to commit yet.