This summer is undoubtedly one of the most sizzling summers we’ve experienced in a long time; the helpless pets are truly suffering as a result! You find dog owners walking their dogs on the street or on the beach without taking any necessary precautionary measures against the blazing heat. Unlike the poor four-legged creatures, we, humans, can protect ourselves by either staying in the shade or applying sunscreen. If you have a pet, inhouse or out, make sure you watch out for the heat.

Make sure they are not in a temperature exceeding 40 degrees

If the temperature is 40 degrees or higher, your pets are at risk of getting a heat stroke. Always take heat stroke precautions and have them checked at the vet as soon as possible.


If it’s hot for you, it’s worse for your pet

Pets love to play and move around, making them feel the heat way more than us humans. If you find the weather too hot for you, never leave your pet in this condition. Leave a house fan on, and the windows open.

Make sure the ground is safe for your pets to walk on

Test the ground for 5 seconds. If it burns your skin, your pet couldn’t possibly walk on it.

Never leave them in the car

Pets could literally die from the heat in cars. Humans can’t handle being in a locked car for more than 3 minutes, why  should the pets?

Humidity is also a factor

The weather could be moderate but still too humid; this could affect your pet’s breathing. They wouldn’t be able to cool themselves either.

Don’t leave them unattended

There are way too many reports of stolen dogs this season, particularly at the beach. Keep an eye on your pet at all times!

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Provide them with water at all times

Carry a bowl of water on you at all times, refill it often and try adding ice cubes. They MUST stay hydrated.

Remember that pets can’t really show discomfort or express their distress. They might look okay, even if they’re in pain!