Who doesn’t love a comfy oversized jumper? From stealing your brother’s shirts to keeping comfy in your man’s jacket, the creation of boyfriend jeans and the rise of the unisex hoodie, it’s clear as the sun that the boundaries of gendered clothing have been blurred. And you know you’re loving this trend!

We’ve all been guilty of skipping over to the men’s section to buy a couple of items! Besides, you can now expand your wardrobe by shopping in your resident dude’s closet.

Today, I’ll be sharing different ideas for how to style menswear inspired outfits while still looking unique and chic. Keep reading!

The Oversized Jumper

Oversized does not have to mean frumpy. Try an oversized sweater with a feminine colour, flatter it with a sleek coat, and you’re good to go! We all know details make a great difference to an outfit, like adding a ring or these stylish ankle boots. It’s an easy, quick outfit to put together, while still looking stylish, and best of all staying comfy.

Plaid & Skirts

Oversized plaid shirts are amazing. You can dress them down for the conventional laid-back look, or you could dress them up by tucking them into a skirt for a very unique outfit. I personally love the look with a pencil skirt. Pair it with these booties, and finish the look with a beret and a choker necklace.

Go All Androgynous

This outfit will look and feel relaxed; that oversized sweater will look great with mom’s jeans. Inspired by the dapperness of that amazing coat, I decided to deliberately add menswear accessories for this outfit. It’s cool and they get better beanies, no silly pompoms involved! Experiment with beanies and men’s bracelets; they give a casual chic look to any outfit.

So now tell us how would you rock the menswear trend? Send us your outfits and you might just be featured on our page 😉