International food

Sometimes we just find ourselves craving more than the regular home-cooked meal. No, we don’t want any burgers either. Eventually, that just puts us at odds with our stomachs and we have nothing to eat.

But wait a second. We might actually have a few options up our sleeves. Take a look at them here.


Located in Maadi, this South African restaurant is a true gem in every sense of the word. It’s not only a place where you can try some sizzling dishes; it’s also a place that has regular karaoke nights.

We recommend you try the Bobotie spring rolls and Nandos chicken.


This Manial and October-based restaurant may not be a restaurant in every sense of the word but it still counts. Why? Well, have you ever had Portuguese food with a South African twist? Yes, you read it correctly.

We recommend the Peri chicken because, trust us, you won’t regret it.


An authentic–and yes, Maadi-based–Filipino restaurant, Pinoy is famous for its traditional dishes, warm atmosphere, and stunning dessert menu.

The restaurant is also known for its generous servings so don’t fret and order up. We especially recommend the Siopao, Siomai, and the Pancit Miki.

India Along the Nile

Although Mahraja is a favorite for many, it’s not the only Indian food-stop in town. India Along the Nile, located in Garden City, is a staple Indian restaurant that you shouldn’t miss if you want to branch out with your tastes. You’ll understand our point after you try their chicken tandoori.


Korean food lovers, this is the answer to all your prayers. Maadi’s Gaya is among the best wholly Korean eateries in Cairo. Its specials include jajangmyeon and chicken bulgogi.

One Oak

Although it may not technically be filed under Japanese, this restaurant’s sushi is among the best in the country. It’s certainly worth every drive and every pound.

Genghis Khan

A Chinese family-run restaurant in, you guessed it, Maadi, Genghis Khan isn’t a strange name to those who crave Chinese food. Visitors have almost unanimously pointed out that all those who come should try the stir-fried tofu, served with veggies, as well as the Kung Pao beef.

The Chinese Muslim Restaurant

Run by Chinese expats in Abbaseya, this restaurant is another one of the few Chinese food spots that sells actual Chinese food. Make the stop, it’s worth it.


We’ve spoken about this quaint West El-Balad spot before, but it’s just so authentic and Italian we had to mention it again. You won’t regret ordering pretty much any item on that menu.

Haleluya’s Ethiopian Cuisine

Another favorite off the motherland, Haleluya is one of the only Ethiopian restaurants in Cairo. As for how authentic it is, well, let’s just say we’ve heard some Ethiopian expats say they felt like their mothers were calling them for dinner back home.

The world is full of delicious and varied tastes, don’t shy away from trying as much as you can.