It is safe to say that one of the things Egyptians truly excel in is sports. Through the years, we’ve had numerous athletes make us feel proud to be Egyptians. One athlete, in particular, who has won most titles and broke many records, is Farida Osman – the Egyptian competitive swimmer who specializes in butterfly and freestyle events.

While we do boast many great athletes, they cannot make it without having a good support system that will not only sustain them financially, but also help them achieve their full potential and make their name, and brand, grow. Hyde Park Developments did just that, and more, for Farida by taking partnership to a completely new level.

Hyde Park Developments is launching a whole new brand for Farida Osman, one that will make her go from a young girl competing for a title to an established brand name in the sports field.

The correlation between the prestigious real estate company and international swimming champion is impressive and totally represents what the two have in common! Hyde Park Developments and Farida Osman share the same values and beliefs about challenge, success, excellence and determination, in addition to supporting women’s empowerment.

The partnership between Hyde Park Developments and Farida Osman aims to create an inclusive brand, and logo, for Farida. The brand will focus on highlighting Farida’s well balanced personality in both education and sports!

The logo, chosen by Farida herself, displays a symbol for “freestyle”, since the freestyle stroke is what everyone learns when they first start swimming – including women and men alike – making the logo more inclusive. Overall, the logo aims to reflect Farida’s bold and courageous personality.

The 23-year-old champion is still young, but she is already on her way to inspire others, specifically the younger generation, which is why she collaborated with Hyde Park Developments to build a swimming academy together. Through the academy, Farida wants to be able to give not just children, but anyone interested in swimming, the attention, care and support they need.

We cannot wait to see what else Farida will offer to the world, given that she now has Hyde Park Developments supporting her to achieve her goals and reach her fullest potential!