I’ve been observing all the Facebook posts about uni starting, midterms approaching and assignments piling up. So, I’m going to state this loud and clear, I don’t miss college.

Sure, nostalgia hits me when I pass by my university or see people’s first day pictures, but that’s it. And don’t get me wrong, my 4 years at college were great. But honestly, a lot about university just sucked!

Taking exams every two days sucked!

I was a good student, but I just hated studying. I basically binge-studied two days before every exam and I forgot everything I learned two days after.

Seriously, all I got was irrelevant knowledge about post-structuralist philosophy, distrust in men and a total sense of loathing towards capitalism.

Being constantly asked what youโ€™re doing after college really sucked!

Parents, friends, professors..someone was always at your neck about your plans for the future. It’s no big deal really, it’s the judgments and comparisons that came afterwards.

I hated the pressure of having to figure out everything before I even graduated. What if I want to try many jobs before settling on a career? What if I regret my college major already and want to re-do the whole thing? LEAVE ME ALONE.

Group projects and presentations always sucked!

Whether you knew everyone in your team or not, group projects were always a mess. You had to find time around everybody’s tight schedule and find a quiet place with good WiFi and plenty of coffee and snacks.

It was like each professor thought theirs was the only class you are taking!

Being short on money really sucked!

I was personally blessed that my parents fully supported me. However, it was almost impossible to pay for textbooks, food, college wardrobe and still manage to go out every weekend with friends!

Writing 10+ page research papers sucked!

I was recently checking my mail and and found dozens of research papers. Each one consumed hours of research, rough drafts and hours putting together a final draft. I am certainly not mad those days are over.

Selecting courses really sucked!

The academic pressure of choosing a good topic was real. The bad thing was, if you have your heart on one topic all your friends would hate it and vice versa.

In conclusion, you’d end up settling for courses you don’t like or you will put your feet down and go your way. Sadly though, in this case, you’ll be attending most classes alone!

Now that you’ve graduated and fighting the forces of evil, how would you describe your college experience?