By: Mostafa Hesham

An Anniversary can be one of the most remarkable time of the year, a time that represents the perfect transformation that took place in your life with your significant other. It’s a date carved in your mind, one that you need to start planning for weeks ahead.

Unfortunately, some people struggle to plan the perfect anniversary, so here we are guiding your hand to the right path.

1. Breakfast in bed

This is probably the simplest and easiest of them all. Start the day with a beautiful 5 star breakfast and maybe add a bouquet of flowers.

2. The common date

Starts with dinner at a restaurant, preferably your significant other’s favourite, and ends with a ticket to the movies.

3. Plan a proposal

A perfect way to make the memory last forever! You can book her favourite place all to yourselves and maybe get her favourite food and dessert served. Invite all her friends and family to share this special moment and then surprise her with the big question.

4. Plan a vacation

Book a luxury stay at a hotel away from all the daily stress and demands of your hectic lifestyle. There are many destinations such as South Africa, where you can stay at Suncity hotel that hosts many activities for couples. Barbados is also a perfect place to get in touch with nature and just relax or you can visit the city of love, Paris.

5. Recreating home movies

Surprise your significant other by recreating home movies with your kids.

6. Hot air balloon date

Plan a hot air balloon date where you fly above the city and enjoy the beauty of the scenery below. .

7. Rent a convertible truck

Take your significant other on a tour around the city, then park the truck in a place where the stars are most visible. Enjoy stargazing while lying on blankets at the back of the truck.

8. Partying

Are you a couple that love music and dancing? Then partying should be your number one choice. If you don’t want to celebrate your anniversary amongst strangers, you can throw a party at your house and invite all your family and friends who have contributed to that beautiful day.

9. The perfect getaway

Book a hotel room for a day along with some relaxing activities like couples massage and spa treatments.

10. Attend a concert

Get tickets to go watch your favourite band perform live.

11. Go on a boat trip

Another perfect escape and a chance to enjoy nature and each other’s company away from all the hustle and bustle.

12. Go back in time

Visit the place where you first met, or go to the places you used to love visiting before commitment. You can also spend the day watching home movies and looking through old photo albums.

13. Send a love note

There are many ways to deliver the message such as slipping a note while dinning. Attach it to a flower, deliver it through the kids, hang it on the bathroom mirror so that it’s the first thing she sees or you can deliver it as a song.

14. Gifts

Shower your significant other with all their desired gifts.

15. Create a scavenger hunt

Surprise your significant other in the morning with a scavenger hunt that would end with a gift they wanted.

To sum it up, anniversaries are huge moments in time that could be celebrated with a simple ‘I Love you’ or a small act that just shows appreciation. Have a great anniversary everyone out there, and don’t let anything ruin it for you!