So, it’s almost the weekend again! That means you’ll finally have more time on your hands to go to the cinema and catch up on the new releases. Today’s film review is Ouija: Origin of Evil. 

1- Synopsis 

Ouija: Origin of Evil

The film is set in 1967 and follows the story of widowed mother Alice and her two daughters, Doris and Paulina. Alice works as a psychic and is struggling to make ends meet after the death of her husband. She “takes advantage” of people who want to connect with their dead loved ones. She performs fake sèances with the assistance of her two daughters. One day, she decides to give her business a boost and buys a Ouija board. But, when she tries out the board and doesn’t read the rules carefully, she accidentally awakens an evil presence in the house. Immediately after that, Doris, the younger sister, develops the ability to talk to spirits and her family are glad because she is able to help more with the finances. However, this newfound ability is not what it seems. The plot is predictable with unpredictable turns here and there so, it’s obvious that we’re not completely bored with the Ouija board arc yet.

2- It was pretty funny for a horror movie (and that’s a pro)


This is a horror movie that could stand on its own as a thoughtful family drama, full of dark and grim humour that will surely make you laugh. The scene of Alice’s palm reading of her daughter’s love interest will bring out giggles all around. The dialogue overall is full of whip-funny and emotional commentary. For instance, “splitting up seems like the stupidest thing in the world” was spot on. It is always ridiculous how characters in horror movies think that splitting up is the best decision. The funny thing, however, is that right after this comment was made, they split up and fell prey to the stock horror movie stupidity.

3- It has all the cliches 


When it comes to the horror department of Ouija: Origin of Evil, the movie ironically falls short. All the scares are extremely predictable and aren’t even that terrifying. There are some jumps and jolts here and there, but it’s really nothing to fall off your seat for. And of course, like all other horror movies, no one starts noticing all the weird comments made by the possessed child and all go unnoticed.

4- The transition between the scenes 


What I despised most about the movie was the transition between the scenes. They were unnecessary and frequent, and all it did was pull you out of the zone and back to reality.

5- The ending 


The ending could have been new, emotional and inventive yet, they still chose to end with the same old cliche’. They just had to scare you off one last time before the credits. The ending was pretty disappointing. But, because I don’t want to give off any spoilers, when/if you do see it, cut out the last 10 seconds of the movie and you’ll feel better. Trust me!

Overall, the movie is scary, with some dark humour. It has interesting bleak themes despite its uninteresting bleak ending. 

Runtime: 1h 39min
Genre: Horror, Thriller