So, it’s almost the weekend again! That means you’ll finally have more time on your hands to go to the cinema and catch up on the new releases. Today’s film review is Passengers.


Jim Preston, played by Chris Prat, is in a hibernation pod on the spaceship Avalon which is supposedly going to a colony planet called Homestead II. However, the spaceship goes through a meteor shower which causes it to go through some technical faults resulting in having Jim Preston’s hibernation pod open. Later, Preston is faced with the ugly truth that he woke up only 30 years into the journey when it was supposed to take 120 years. The plan was initially to have all the passengers asleep in the hibernation pod until 4 months before arrival date.

Preston is faced with the reality that he has to live 90 years on the ship alone with only one friend, an android bartender called Arthur, who is played by Michael Sheen. Preston, however, is an engineer who abuses every high tech thing that amuses him in the very first year and ends up looking wary. He grows a beard (We’ll pretend that the beard did fit Prat and that it wasn’t absolutely hideous and unconvincing) and drinks too much.

Preston, later develops a crush on another sleeper who looks like and is played by Jennifer Lawrence. He starts to learn her name, Aurora, and what she does as a profession. He later comes up with a very stupid decision to wake her up. However, Preston makes it look like an accident. Aurora wakes up only to freak out about how early she woke up; Preston manages to cultivate their friendship though.

The chemistry between the two characters was very questionable, and we found the movie to be a little coy and corny. Several movies had a very similar story line which might be a little bit disappointing to viewers if they thought that they’d be going in for a surprise. However, it’s an overall really decent movie. In fact, we recommend you take a chance on it unless you’re looking for a movie that will blow your mind.

Run Time: 1h 56mins

Genre: Adventure, Drama, Romance