It’s been a bit over a year since Braes showed up on the hair care scene in Egypt. We’re pretty sure you’ve stumbled upon their products and attractive packages at least a couple of times on social media. Especially since it has recently become Instagram influencers’ go-to hair brand due to the fact that it’s Egyptian-made, cruelty-free, and infused with natural ingredients.

We, the Identity team, decided to give some of Braes’ products a try in order to review them for you guys and let you know if the new brand is really worth the all hype.

Let us see…

So far, we’ve only tried four products and we have a lot to gush about!

1- On fait quoi ce soir? Argan Oil Infused Shampoo

To be completely honest, for starters, the shampoo’s packaging is so pretty and the pink tone it holds is so attractive! However, despite the fact that it’s a combination of amazing oils, such as Agran, Jojoba, Sesame, Macadamia, and cold-pressed Coconut; its watery formula doesn’t help much in actually cleaning the hair!

While it’s also great that the shampoo is sulfate and silicone-free, unfortunately, we’ve tried it over four times now and it doesn’t come close to the quality of the rest of Braes’ products.

2- Je suis de retour! Argan Oil Infused Conditioner

At this point, we will stop going on and on about Braes’ beautiful packaging because honestly, they outdid themselves in all the products with the pink, white, and gold tones…so feminine! That’s in addition to the catchy French names, of course…

As for the conditioner itself, it’s effective for all hair types with the amazing combination of Argan, Macadamia, Sweet Almond, and Rose oils. It also has a strong refreshing smell and leaves your hair so smooth, moisturized, richly nourished, and detangled!

3- Il n’y a pas le feu! Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

The real star of the show! We won’t be exaggerating when we say that this deep conditioning mask is a lifesaver. First of all, it suits all hair types as it’s made of Shea Butter and Argan oil. It’s also infused with a number of other essential oils.

Leaving it on your damp hair for 20 minutes before you shower is going to lead to the best results. Since it magically repairs it and gives it a very soft feel, and you’ll also notice the difference from the very first use!

4- Je suis parée, Anti-Frizz Hair Serum (Normal & Dry Hair)

Okay, so this serum is supposed to calm your hair down since it’s made of a wide blend of oils that usually soften, repair, and hydrate. However, we’ve tried this one a few times now, and unfortunately, while it does hydrate and smell nice, it actually does the opposite of defrizzing the hair. We’re still wondering why…

And that’s it for today’s review; let us know in the comments whether or not you’ve tried Braes’ products and how you feel about them!