2016 was one hell of a long year. Halfway through, we thought we’d never see the light at the end of the tunnel, but here we are, standing at the precipice of a new year, wishing that 2017 goes easy on us and doesn’t let us fall off again. So in the name of bidding farewell to this Godly awful year, we have rounded up Identity’s 10 best articles of 2016. Let’s take a look! 

1- Which Character From “El Nazer” Are You?

This year, all the El Nazer fanatics (which I only presume is all of us) were able to know who they resembled the most from their favorite Egyptian comedy.

2- تاريخ التصوير العاري في مصر: رحلة للمصور الذي صور جدتي عارية

40997c05509091aaa0252748d934ded9-681x681After his grandmother’s death, Akram Za3tary finds hidden nude pictures of her during her glory days and decides to share it with the world instead of hiding or burning them.

3- Which Character Represents You In The Grand Hotel Series?


All the characters on Grand Hotel were intriguing and interesting, so naturally we all wanted to see which one we would resonate with the most.

4- أكتر 7 حاجات بتعجب الست في الراجل


To all the guys out there, if you’re wondering what women find attractive about you, ponder no more.

5- ١٨ علامة جمال عالمية للمرأة .. عندك كام منهم؟ 


Signs of beauty vary from one culture to another, this article brings you the universal beauty signs for women!

6- شريف طلياني شايل سيفه: تركته حبيبته المصرية فقرر أن يصبح أول بورن ستار مصري


After he was dumped by his girlfriend, Sherif Telyani a.k.a Saye3 Gharb, decided to change his career path and pursued porn.

7- 8 Singers and Their Arab Versions

sherine and nicki minaj

That time we put Arab artists against Western celebrities just to show how similar they looked. Everyone was dumbfounded by the comparison, so If you haven’t checked it out yet, now’s the time.

8- Dutch Team Dresses in Solidarity With Egyptian?


Remember that time we thought the Dutch Beach Volleyball team wore black body suits underneath their bikinis in solidarity with the Egyptian team then, it turned out that they were just cold? Ahh, good times.

9- ٦ ابراج مينفعوش في الجواز


Marriage is hard but it takes a worse toll on some people than others. Each of us found out which category of people we belong to according to our zodiac signs.

10- 11 Cairo Restaurants You Have To Visit Before You Die


These are some of the best restaurants in Cairo, so make sure you check them out before you die. Also, even if not for the place, go for the food. We can never have enough food now, can we?

No one’s gonna miss you 2016. Goodbye and Good riddance!