As generations grow, many are frustrated by the issue that refuses to cease, sexism. In the Egyptian society and the Arab one as a whole – females are perceived as inferior to their male counterparts. Although women have broken stereotypes and proven their immense capabilities, in many parts of our region they are still viewed as the lesser members of the society. In protest against our social norms, we thought about what we might do if we were a boy for a day.

“If I were a boy for a day, I would walk in the streets and refrain from harassing any girl.” (AA)
“I would learn how to cook because everyone should learn how to feed themselves, boy or girl.” (AM)
“I would defend any female or male in need.” (NT)
“Pick up hitchhikers.” (AS)
“Walk the streets without a care in the world.” (AM)
“I think I would start an awareness campaign for FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) in places like Upper Egypt where many tend to listen to men more.” (LZ)
“I would not let words such as “you’re such a girl” count as abuse.” (AM)
“Definitely stop people from peeing in the streets and littering because a woman would probably be disrespected for making a comment.” (FB and RA)
“I would ride a bike in the streets for the sake of not being judged, as well as lessen the pollution and crowd caused by cars.” (AM)
“Stand up for girls on the street, just make them feel a little safer.” (EH)
“Prove to people that swearing does not justify your manly hood.” (AM)

The undying issue of sexism and undermining females is something we all strive to stop. If we were men for a day, there are many things that we would do differently. We’d guarantee women everything we feel we lack.