While going through the TV and pausing at some cartoon channels, I couldn’t help but pity the new generation. There’s no denying that when it comes to the animated TV series, we – Generation Y- were a million times luckier.

Though Cartoon Network rocked at the time and we were all enamored with it, it didn’t get to us as much as Spacetoon did. 

Spacetoon was maybe the first popular Arabic television channel that specialized in animation and children programs, and since its first broadcast every Egyptian child couldn’t keep his/her eyes off of the TV.

Below are some cartoons from the early 2000s that will always occupy a special place in our hearts.

  1. Pokémon


Other than being the second-most successful and lucrative video game-based media franchise in the world, after Super Mario franchise, when Pokémon hit Egypt a revolution took place.


We were all addicted to its animated television show, and fell in love with Pikachu, but when the tazos came out that’s when this TV show turned into a phenomenon. We pretty much ate Chipsy more than we drank water at the time to get our hands on these tazos. We battled with them at schools, and there were two kinds of battles; “Friendly Battles,” at the end of which the players gave back the tazos they won from their competitors, or “Forever Battles,” in which the won tazos would become prizes.


  1. Detective Conan


He was a clever and a quick-witted detective who wore a blue suit, and a red bow tie that could transfer his voice to his wish of voices. That’s not to mention his multi-function watch and his ability to solve knotty cases. That’s in a few words who Jimmy Kudo, aka Conan, was. We all got smarter just by watching him!


  1. Sabek & La7ek  


Buckle up and burn with these top fuel fast racing small cars, if you can’t control your car park it or smash it because there is no other way out of this race other than reaching the finishing line! That’s what our favourite two brothers Sabek & La7ek did. We all watched the animated series and still have our own small cars hidden and well kept in the back of our locker.


  1. Digimon Adventure (Abtal El Digital)


During summer camp, five boys and two girls ended up into a strange digital dimension known as the ‘Digital world,’ the rest is history.


  1. Pinky & The Brain

One is good-natured but feebleminded, the other wants to take over the world, what a great combination! Even though we are talking about two mice and their plans always ended up in failure, we still can’t help but watch their series especially to hear the last sentence of every episode….


Well, we can proudly claim that we did enjoy our childhood while watching Spacetoon, Kanat Shabab El Mostakbal.