Tarek Kabo

This piece goes out to all those graduating high school and thinking life is about to get 10 times better. Because getting into university means mingling with the likes of Tarek Kabo and Basyouni Basyouni.

Well, as much as we would’ve loved to tell you that this is exactly what you’re going to find, unfortunately, this is not how university works.

Whether in grade 6 or 12, university is surely different than your whole school experience. Getting into college basically means being introduced to the mini version of the real world.

Honestly, it’s like going through a social experiment. You learn to deal with different people from different backgrounds. You learn how to balance between your stressful academic life and student activities, at the same time. All while trying your best to maintain a good social profile and be as present as possible in trips, for example.

That being said, while most people think they would be thrown in a sea full of El-Basha Telmiz’s group, that’s not the case!

We too were looking forward to all the “Laylo Layla La La La” in the bus as we head to our beach camp.

And here’s why it didn’t happen:

#1 You’re usually running around from one building to another

Tarek Kabo
Yeah, you could hang out with your friends on campus for some time. But, mostly, you’d find yourself running around to catch the trillion classes you have for the day.

#2 You do pull all-nighters sometimes, but not for outings and sleepovers

Tarek KaboSleepovers are surely nice, especially when it’s with the new cool friends you’ve made in college. But, unfortunately, it’ll rarely happen because you’d usually be catching up on the sleep you’re missing, and the only all-nighter you’d pull will be for finals week.

#3 The Reality of Student Activities

Tarek KaboStudent activities always look eventful and exciting, especially when it’s your first day at uni and all those strangers are trying to make you join their club. However, once you find and join one,  all hell breaks loose.

From 4-hour meetings to organizing catastrophic events, getting into feuds and working on failed action plans; it’s such a RIDE!

#4 Fun Days, Parties and Trips?

Tarek Kabo
Well, we’re pretty sure that only a small number of students spend university-related fun days, parties, and trips without some sort of a dramatic situation going down. So, no, you’re not going to sit in a circle to play “Spin the Bottle” with Hamza.

#5 Group Projects

Tarek KaboYou could have a really cool group of friends/classmates but once you guys get paired up in a group project, forgetting about your friendship is one of the many – not to mention least – dangerous things you could do to each other.

As much as we wanted to bring you the real picture, getting into university still has so many perks. And if you find the right group of people and master the balance between academics, activities and social life; you’re in for a treat. Just hang in there!