As much as we all love shopping, we never seem to have time for it anymore. Thankfully, one of our shopping secret prayers was answered when IKEA finally launched its e-commerce store in Egypt making our lives a whole lot easier!

IKEA’s E-commerce is now available in our very own Egypt and it will be so much easier for anyone to do their shopping at the comfort of their own home.

About time, ha?

It is no surprise that we -as a generation- do everything online. We work online, order food online, talk to friends online, and even date online. So, naturally, we need to be able to find all life essentials online because we rarely ever have time or energy to go to the store for it. Enters Online Shopping or E-commerce.

This is what makes IKEA e-commerce perfect for the fast pace of our lives right now. As a person who lives their life on the move, you need to be able to find the best product with the best prices while doing as little effort as possible, and this is exactly what IKEA e-commerce will allow you to do!

Not only has it become possible to pick your furniture and home accessories in your PJs and have them delivered to your step, you can even do it in the language you want!

IKEA e-commerce is offered in both English and Arabic, just like IKEA website. This will make the shopping experience easier and more convenient for people who feel more comfortable in either language. As for paying for what you bought, right now, a credit card is the only paying method available.

We think it is safe to say that IKEA has made it their 2019 resolution to make furnishing our homes the easiest, most convenient task on our to-do list.

It is also safe to say that thanks to IKEA e-commerce, the horror show that is shopping for furniture we all dread so much is well behind us now that you can basically furnish your entire living room on your ride home from work, just make sure you are not driving!

We personally can’t wait till we go on our next shopping spree without having to go anywhere. Isn’t that the dream!