Everyone reached the point of their lives when they felt like a total gremlin. Oh my God, my thighs are huge! And look at that stomach, did I eat an elephant without remembering it? And what’s with my hair, when did it turn into a broom? Why can’t I look like one of those wedding models in Vogue, with their 20” waists, their perfect hair, fabulous makeup and a gorgeous white wedding gown?

First of all, stop. Start repeating these words: “I am beautiful and I am going to prove it”. This is your wedding day you are looking forward to, and that is the day when you are the queen of the world. It is important that everything works completely perfectly, from arrangements all the way to every single thing related to your appearance. Of course, feeling pretty can be a very hard task, so I’ve decided to help you with that.

Understand your beauty


The first, and probably the most important step of them all. You need to understand that your beauty comes from YOU! Practice this feeling by writing a list of all of your good features (those beautiful eyes, those full lips, that cute nose etc.). Next, write a list of all of your great INNER features such as being helpful, funny, responsible, a good listener etc. Remember this list every time you start judging yourself and smile at yourself while repeating: I am awesome, I am cool, I am beautiful!

Stop the negativity


Many negative thoughts lead to even more, and much worse negative thoughts. Convince your brain that all that nonsense isn’t true. Instead of thinking: “My forehead is hideous”, say: “I’m having a stupid thought that my forehead is hideous”. This will help you let all of those negative thoughts go, which is a great self-esteem booster.

Build up your confidence


The only person who can build your confidence is you. Remember: everyone has good qualities, and people are so much more than their outer appearance. If the whole world was blind, who would love you? There is always going to be someone prettier, get used to it. And don’t be so harsh on yourself – let yourself feel less attractive sometimes. Don’t judge others and don’t compare yourself with them – you will lose your confidence in seconds.

In the beginning, you will maybe have to fake your confidence in order to convince your brain that you have it. But once you achieve this, only the sky will be your limit.

Your appearance also matters


Make sure you hire the best (trustworthy) makeup artist as well as hair stylist which will get the best out of your face and hair and make you the best version of you. Don’t be scared to try something unconventional and new – you might be surprised how well it looks on you.

Shopping heals everything


One of the best ways to set your mind off your flaws is definitely shopping. Get yourself a pair of Badgley Mischka shoes for example to really strut that way to the altar, and a super cute pair of underwear to surprise your hubby on your wedding night.

After you go through all of these steps, you will realize that you had nothing to worry about. The true beauty comes from the inside, and from being loved – and as far as we both know, you are getting married, which means that you definitely ARE loved. Your wedding is going to be amazing because YOU are amazing and you are marrying one amazing guy who adores every single inch of you. Stay happy, stay loved, and have a great wedding ceremony and marriage as well! XoXo.