Many women –especially in Egypt- tend to shy away from learning about intimate details of their future love life. There is no proper education and only a handful of families talk to their children about this. As a result, some women fear their performance might not be enough. Here are a few things that will guarantee a healthy and enjoyable love life…

All you actually need to do is gain knowledge of your own body. Sex is one of our basic needs and it comes natural. You just have to listen to your body and learn what you enjoy and what you don’t. Having some time to explore will greatly improve your love life and ensure that you too enjoy it. You will be surprised what a little imagination can do!

Love making is an intimate experience between lovers and there is no room for judgment there. Put in mind that it is all about satisfying each other and connecting on a different level. Not because you desire certain things –or he does- then it means you are sinful. You are human and you have desires, communicate them to your partner and find what suits you best; without judgment.

Shutting down on new things to spice it up is not a good idea. It will harm your love life and eventually you will wish you had tried. Think of it as a new experience and whatever makes you uncomfortable just don’t do it and communicate that to your partner. In time, you will start understanding each other and how your bodies work.

Lose yourself. Let go of control. Once you do that, your emotions will take over and it will supercharge the whole experience! Ever heard of out-of-body experiences? This is what happens when you let go.

Being self conscious about your body is the biggest killer when it comes to love life. If you don’t love your body, no matter what your size or shape is, then you will be bidding goodbye to a healthy and good love life. If you are not comfortable in your own skin, then start working on changing that. Same thing goes for your partner. Maybe you could work out together or watch what you are eating or even gain a little healthy weight. It may not be the easiest thing to do but it’s in your hands; so take control and get where you want to be. Be it in bed or in life!