by: Ziad Amin

Stereotyping has a negative impact on our Egyptian culture and also on every human being around the world. Mostly we can try to avoid it sometimes, but it keeps possessing us like a demon. And that depends on the way we were raised and influenced.

What is Stereotyping?

Stereotypes are basically generalized because one assumes that the stereotype is true for each individual person in the category. For example, considering calling an adult “Immature” just because they watch anime, which is what they like, will probably not make them less of an adult.

Do We Have Stereotyping in Egypt?

Absolutely, we witness a lot of stereotyping in Egypt on a daily basis. Here are a few examples:

Working Abroad

When we first hear that some friend or relative is working abroad, most of us instantly think they are filthy rich, while they might be struggling to make a living.

Supporting Women’s Rights

If you stood by women’s rights and started supporting them, some people might think you’re just trying to pick up women or show off, when you’re actually just defending their deserved rights.

Dropping English Words In A Conversation

When you’re having a conversation with a group of people, some of them might accuse you of trying to flaunt your fluent language skills, when you’re actually just used to speaking English because it’s a main part of your educational background.

What’s Intercultural Stereotyping? (Ethnocentrism)

It’s an evaluation of other cultures according to preconceptions originating in the standards, customs, race or religion of one’s own culture. Here are a few examples of intercultural stereotyping in Egypt:

Dating A Foreign Girl/Guy

If you started going out with a foreigner, many people might consider you using them for their passport, which most likely is not the case.

Stereotyping Asians

When it comes to Asian people, we always label them as “Chinese” based on their facial features. China’s a country, not a race.

Taking Advantage of Foreigners

When a foreigner even stops by to buy some cigarettes, the local vendor always takes advantage of them not knowing the real average prices of products in Egypt, so they sell them the product double times the real price. Which is considered fraud.

Black People Racism

Some Egyptians make fun of black skin and disappointingly still use the n-word, which’s so offensive and actually not our right to use. It’s 2019, get over yourselves already.

Considering The Foreign Girl Easy To Pick up

Assuming that a foreign girl is easy to have sex with because of the way she dresses or how open minded she is, although she STILL has manners and principles. Because she’s a foreigner that doesn’t mean she’s a….

How To Avoid Ethnocentrism And Become Human Beings?

To avoid ethnocentrism, we have to accept and avoid making fun of foreign cultures. Only then, we can learn to be more open and kind.