In the past decade or so, Cairo as we know it has changed drastically. Gated communities are becoming an increasingly common way of life. It seems as if we’ve been building walls and hiding behind them, but one thing I always thought we maintained was our love for all Egyptians despite their social status or class. The social media and media as a whole, however, is driving us to think otherwise. Racism is becoming a question mark in our daily lives. And while we refuse to claim that Egyptians are racist because of the actions of a few, we thought it would be a good idea to share with you some of the most controversial things that happened lately and let you be the judge! Tell us what you think about the following:

1. Weird posts on the internet of people not wanting to be at the same place with those whom they consider less fortunate

A few days ago, we found a post on Akhbar Sokan Madinet El-Rehab page of a woman complaining that the maid she provided with entrance permits to El-Rehab city in order to work for her and clean her house was sitting after her working hours in the same cafe as her. She also added that she found it rather inappropriate to find the maid anywhere in El-Rehab city since she is not a resident there, and that it’s a clear negligence on behalf of the compound’s security department.


2. Real estate companies advertising for themselves based on the emphasis of “The Other”

In a commercial for Life Park compound, we are met with a woman who doesn’t seem to speak as elegantly as the future residents of Life Park would hope for her to speak, you know because it’s hard to share a compound with someone of such low class, so her application gets rejected because apparently “Msh ay 7ad yskon f Life Park”.

3. Or based on the fact that they won’t be living in slums like the rest of the poor poor Egyptians

Please note that is this not Beverly Hills’ official Facebook page.

We know that Egypt has its problems and that there are a lot of people who have it really hard, but hey at least we’re trying to help them, right? We’re not leaving them to live in slums intentionally. We’re doing our best to get them out of there even though our economic situation is not helping that much. Well, apparently that’s not what all of us are doing, because some of us are praying to the Lord that he gave us a compound like Beverly Hills where we could build our walls and live in “El Sakan El-Amen El-Raqy El-Adamy”.

All that’s been happening lately is making us wonder if the social gap is real or if we are the ones that are causing it? Racism is becoming more common and it comes in many ways among which are the racist advertisements that we’ve been seeing more of lately. That begs the question, are advertisements becoming more racist on their own or are Egyptians innately racist that the only way to  please them or get their attention is through racist ads? Do we no longer want to be at the same place as those who are less fortunate? We sure don’t know the answer, but if you have some insight please share your opinions with us in the comments section below!

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