Every successful company is the child of an innovative idea.  Incoco Egypt’s 100% real nail polish appliqués started with an “aha!” moment which lead to a revolutionary new generation of nail polish. We’ve been hearing lots of buzz about these trending nail appliques but never really thought they would dazzle us that much.

Incoco – short for Innovative Cosmetic Concepts – is the world’s only flexible nail polish, which can be contoured to fit any nail size and shape. Some might be skeptical when they first see the pack but it’s the most easy applicable nail appliqués.  Incoco Egypt has set very high expectations of its company and products, always striving to be highly innovative as well as providing 100% customer satisfaction.

We recently got the opportunity to try out Incoco nail polish appliqués’ impressive wide range of designs. Usually, when we look for nail strips, we look for something that’s difficult to create in a nail salon. With Incoco Egypt’s designs, you have so many choices: from nail shimmer glitters, plains to French manicures. You can get easily overwhelmed with what you should apply first.



For more coverage, you can check out Incoco Egypt’s Facebook page, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram. To place your order, simply send them the nail appliqués images on 01067389740 and your Incoco nail package will be delivered within 2-3 days!

Check out their video :

Incoco Egypt’s Background

In 1984, Fa Park came to the United States from Korea with the dream of becoming an acclaimed opera singer. While on a bus in New York City, he noticed the struggle of a woman in a cab trying to paint her nails. As he saw her quickly brushing polish on her nails at every stoplight and trying to blow her nails dry, he wondered why women all over the world had to use a brush to apply nail polish. This sparked his idea to invent self-stick nail polish strips that didn’t require any dry time or hassle of application. Luckily, they are now sold in Egypt.