In preparation for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Junior Olympics 2022, Inertia made a very positive and promising gesture to help the young rising athletes in Egypt.

We know how hard and challenging it can be to practice your passion, develop your skills, and pursue your dreams. You can be faced with a ton of obstacles; rejection, lack of resources, and lack of support.

It is easy to give up when nothing is helping you keep going.

Thankfully someone realized how important it is to lay a helping hand to the aspiring young talents of our country.

On March 4, 2019, Leading Egyptian real estate company Inertia announced their athletic support program that provides a nurturing space and support to 3 Egypt’s most promising young athletes.

Who Are They Supporting?

To provide equal opportunities, they made sure their choices are diverse. The athletes they picked are:

Ramadan Darwish – Judo


Ramadan Darwish is a record-breaking Judo champion. He is a 3-time Mediterranean Games, 6-time African champion. Ramadan also competed in the 2016 Rio De Janeiro Olympics and came in the 7th position. Which already shows an immense amount of unlocked potentials.

Hassan Hassan – Roman Wrestling


Hassan Hassan is a highly-achieved Roman Wrestler. He won a Gold Medal in the African championship, and his latest win was in September when he won the Silver Medal in the world’s youth championship in Slovakia.

Layla Shoukry – Tennis


Last, but not at all least is the youngest of the three young athletes; Layla Shoukry. Layla is 12 years old. Yes, 12 years old! She ranks 1st in both Egypt and Africa for the under 12 category. She has wowed many judges and professional athletes in several tennis tournaments both locally and internationally. Layla is working very hard aiming to participate in the Junior Olympics 2022 and Roland Garros 2021.

What makes this gesture even better?

Even though Inertia is a leading real estate company that specializes in developing unique and dynamic projects in different Egypt, they took the leap and believed in Egypt’s young talents.

Inertia is going out of its way to stand behind those young, aspiring, and hard-working dreamers and help them reach their dream and represent Egypt in the best way possible all around the world.

Furthermore, Inertia’s founders believe in their partnership with the athletes they’ve formed to an extent where the CEO recorded himself for the voice over for the new advertisement in show of support and encouragement.

As thoughtful of a gesture as this is, it kind of makes us think that we all should be doing the same.

Egypt is filled with astounding talents that will only thrive and shine if we helped them. Let’s all take a page of Inertia’s book, and show these young champs that we got their backs.