INERTIA, the unique real estate company, has brought us an endless variety of thrilling activities for an unforgettable summer experience. This year, INERTIA’s hard dedication to bring smiles of delight and excitement to families was a true success. Activities ranged from art workshops to kayaking and racing. Here’s a quick recap of this summer’s adventures:

1. Kites Festival

This year’s Kites Festival took place on July 28th and July 29th in Hacienda and Diplo respectively. Children celebrated with their families this fun-filled day as they had the opportunity to not only fly their kites, but to also customize and decorate them. Nasser Volant, the French kite specialist had the privilege to craft various kites in uniquely shaped sizes. What an exceptional day and experience! For the first time in Egypt, parents and children enjoyed a stroll in INERTIA’s Kites Garden to watch a truly spectacular view of flying animals and marine creatures made out of kites.

2. Bicycle Classes 

This summer in Hacienda, INERTIA provided bicycle classes for children who wish to cycle on their own one day. The kids were thrilled to experience this one-on-one opportunity with a professional coach who taught them how to steer, balance and pedal.

3. Sitara Kids Show

And the fun never stops! INERTIA hosted Sitara Theatre, the ultimate kids’ live show in Hacienda’s football court, for an interactive theatre  performance. On July 21st, the children watched an exciting adaptation of the all-time favorite kids’ book “The Gruffalo”.

4. Keep Hacienda Clean

A huge colorful wall made out of 70,000 bottle caps and a collection of decorative windmills were on display as an awareness campaign that aims to keep Hacienda clean. INERTIA encouraged residents to sort the trash in 4 different recycle bins as well as showed them creative ways to use recycled items in beach furniture.

For the following events, INERTIA partnered with Muricata: The Youth Enrichment Arm of Wild Guanabana, an organization proficient in children’s personal growth and development.

5. INERTIA’s Adventure Camp

Among the various activities, INERTIA offered the kids the chance to build their own paddle boats using car wheels, ropes and bamboo wood. This two-day camp that took place in July and August provided kids aged 6 to 10 years old with a rafting experience where they navigated the kayaks into the water. The camp was aimed to build children’s personality, creativity as well as confidence.

6. INERTIA’s Summer Camp

Children at Diplo 3 were ecstatic to get into a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that lasted for 4 consecutive weekends from July to August. And the kids just couldn’t get enough! They participated in several outdoor activities that incorporated nature awareness, teamwork as well as self-esteem boosters. Among the various programs, kids between 6 and 10 years old partook in sports activities, yoga, cycling, story-telling seminars and much more!

7. Kidathon El Sahel

Ready…Set…GO! On July 14th, INERTIA brought back Cairo’s much-anticipated kids race “The Kidathon” but this time by the beach in Hacienda! Among the dozen competitors, 3 lucky winners received their finishers’ medals.

8. Youth Obstacle Course

Now that’s what we call survival of the fittest! It is an event that should be in every child’s bucket list. INERTIA had the pleasure to host the first Youth Obstacle Course that took place in Hacienda on August 18th. The event targeted youth between 8 and 14 years old to compete against each other in multiple obstacle games; which included running in ball pits, passing through strings that look like laser patterns and swinging on ropes to reach the other side. What a way to test kids’ fortitude and determination!

INERTIA also partnered with The Trifactory, Egypt’s prominent sports management company to bring a set of sports activities that catered to all age groups.

 9. Beach Runs

Open to all members of all ages and skill levels, residents of the Diplo 3 community were challenged to take part in INERTIA’s “Fitter, Faster, Funner” run. This event took place every Friday and Saturday morning in July and August.

10. Aquathlon

The Trifactory’s Aquathlon combined both running and swimming. This exciting event exposed the participants to a world of multisport and allowed them to choose between competing as an individual or as part of a relay team. On August 4th, 3 winners received their well-deserved prizes.

Now that the summer season is almost over, we are left to wonder what else INERTIA has in store for us next year. Interested to know more? Check out their Facebook page ( and website ( for upcoming events and future projects.