Concluding the year, Uber has gathered key statistics to measure the impact Uber has made in 2017 and since its launch in Egypt. Throughout the past three years, Uber has positively impacted the lives of many Egyptians, providing partner drivers with economic empowerment opportunities, and providing riders with a safe, reliable and affordable service.

Commenting on the success, Abdellatif Waked, General Manager of Uber Egypt, expressed: “Despite a tough economic environment, 2017 has made Uber Egypt one of the most successful markets globally. Hundreds of thousands of drivers are dependent on Uber for economic opportunity, and it is in partnership with them that we can provide safe, reliable transport to millions of riders across Egypt. This is just the beginning, and we believe with the right kind of regulations in favour of part time work, and ongoing support from the government and the public, we can have an even more successful 2018.”