The Ink Shop is one of the biggest, and most popular tattoo parlors in Egypt. We sat down with the mastermind behind the place and had a little chat with her.

First things first, who are you?
I’m Alia Fadaly. I’m currently studying Arts and Design in Msa University and I’ve been tattooing for almost 3 years now.

who are you
1- Was the Ink Shop a plan, or just a turning point?

I wanted to utilize my talent and at the same time do something that I love. I feel so lucky that I’ve found my passion at such an early stage in my life.


2-What colors do you prefer for tattoos?

I prefer hot colors in shading.

3-How difficult was it to start a tattoo business in Egypt?

Actually it wasn’t that difficult as I thought it would be. Surprisingly, people are open to the idea of tattoos and I get many clients every day.


4-What inspires you?

I’m inspired with any kind of art, but I prefer realistic art.


5-Have you tattooed any family member?

Yes, I did 3 tattoos on my brother.


6-Did you get any famous client?

Yes,  many! Like Nahed E Sebai, Ahmed Salah Hosny, Merihan Hussien, Menna Fahmy, Amr Samir and Sherihan Aboul Hassan. There are others too…

7-How many tattoos do you have?

I tattooed half of my right leg and I have 3 other tattoos on my arms.


8-If you had a chance to tattoo any famous person, who would that be and what design would you make?

I’d love to make a portrait tattoo or a figure for a famous tattoo artist to either Kat Von D  or Bangbang.

9-What’s your favourite tattooing subject?

Pharaonic figures. Yes, I’m obsessed with the Ancient Egyptian culture!


10- What was the weirdest tattoo request?

A name of a boyfriend/girlfriend, 3la asas da daleel 3ala ad eh they love each other… haha!

10 (2)

11-What was your favourite tattoo?
This one is my favorite

11 (1)

12-What’s the tattooing processes?

First, I clean the skin very carefully with green soap and alcohol, apply the stencil on the skin or draw with a pen, then I start tracing is with the tattooing gun. When the tattoo is finished, I apply an antibiotic cream, then wrap it with a bandage for 3 to 5 hours.

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13-The most ridiculous question you always hear?

I always get these annoying phone calls, “Hi,  lawsamahty bkam el tattoo?” Or “Do you have semi permanent tattoo that stays for 6 months?”

13-How did tattooing change you as a person?

I meet new people everyday, and get to listen to the stories behind the tattoo they’re about to get. I find that some of these stories are really touching.

14-What do you say to the people saying that tattoos are “haram”?

I have many Muslim clients, and even veiled girls. I ask them before I start “have you asked dar el efta?” I almost get the same answer everytime “ahh, w alena its not haram if you can remove it”. I think it makes sense; you could always have a laser session now.

16- How many shops do you have?

The main branch is in Zamalek, and there’s another one in El Gouna.

17-How can people reach you?

They can visit my page on facebook ( the ink shop cairo) Or instagram (theinkshopcai). Email: [email protected]