This month is all about superwomen A.K.A. Mothers, so we’re taking the chance to dedicate this piece for inspirational moms who didn’t give up on their dreams and carved their paths through the professional life. It’s all about entrepreneur mothers who discovered the magical balance between family and career. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.

The healthy Supermom:

Fayrouz Nasser Eid, Founder and CEO of The Daily Crisp and proud mother of one girl and one boy

The wellness fanatic and nutritionist, Fayrouz Eid, was driven to create one of Egypt’s most acclaimed health and lifestyle magazines, The Daily Crisp. A BA holder in Mass Communication, Fayrouz changed her career path after her first pregnancy and has received a BS degree in Food Science and Nutrition. Being her kids’ role model is the source of her inspiration.

The Knowledgeable Supermom:

Rania Badr El Din, Founder and CEO at Mother and Child and proud mother of three

Pushed by the strong desire of helping other mothers and families, Rania Badr El Din is empowering women through valuable knowledge in order to support them in building happy healthy families. Being a creative humanitarian, an innovative social entrepreneur and a dedicated mother, she knew where to draw the line between being a working person and a mother.

The Fitness Supermom:


Norshek Fawzy, Co-founder and CEO of Jumpsuite and proud mother of one boy and one girl

The Gouna resident and fittest mother out there, Norshek Fawzy is leading a healthy lifestyle and supporting many others to do the same. Creating 3 startups, leading her own business and being a mom of two, the fitness Nazi’s secret resides in knowing the difference between what can be delegated and what can’t. Being a mom pushed Norshek to achieve total efficiency at work.

The Innovative Supermom:

Dina Mofty, Founder of Injaz Egypt and proud mother of three.

Dina gave birth to a different kind of twins in the same year; her first baby Talia and her startup INJAZ, when she was only a 24 year old fresh graduate. For Mofty, mom stands for Master of Multitasking and she has been taking it to a whole new level, with creating a network of thousands of students, countless corporate sponsors and numerous volunteers.

The Fashionable Supermom:

Yasmine Yeya, Founder of Maison Yeya and proud mother of twins

The lady of the breathtaking wedding gowns was originally an AUC Business graduate with a marketing job in Dubai. She decided to take a leap of faith and transform her love for fashion into a profession. She admits that balancing motherhood with leading an iconic brand is not easy, but is totally worth it.

The Eventful Supermom:

Yasmine Medhat, Founder and CEO of Bazarna and proud mother of two boys and one girl

With an events planning company that offers families unique shopping experiences in a fun atmosphere, Yasmine is one of the most successful entrepreneurs out there. For Yasmine, the greatest moments are when her proud kids start to praise her work. Time management and prioritizing skills are her key success elements.