When the temperature starts to rise and we start travelling back and forth to our beach house for the summer, we’re usually subtly looking for a partner to share all the fun with. But usually, we don’t want anything serious, ENTER summer fling. Hold up, before you get tangled into anything, read our summer flings do’s and don’ts first!

Don’t: Have High Expectations

The first unspoken rule of any summer fling is about expectations. In order not to get burned out by the end of the summer, you don’t want to project fantasies on this guy. Remember, not every guy you’ll meet on a summer vacation is a potential life-partner. So keep expectations to the minimum!

Don’t: Be Too Relationship-y

You know all the bad parts of a relationship? You actually get to skip them all with a summer fling. So don’t go wasting this privilege over some drama that has to do with jealousy or commitment. Just have fun!

Don’t: Ditch Your Friends For Him

Another point that we really need to highlight is the fact that you are originally on vacation with either friends or family. Ditching them every night to go party with your summer fling is just a bad look.

Do: Honesty

No one wants to break anybody’s heart in summer. Especially not the guy you just spent a whole season with. So keep it real and honest from day one about what you both want from this non-exclusive relationship.

Do: Let Go And Be Free

Don’t be too afraid to be swept away. A little fun and adventurous time won’t harm anyone. And don’t be too judgmental or harsh on yourself, you deserve to have a good time!

Do: Pick And Choose

Ladies, in a summer fling there’s no need to settle or compromise ANYTHING. If he turns out to be a total jerk, just say goodbye. There’s a lot of fish in the sea!

As hot as a summer fling could be, watch out everyone or you might get burned!