The internet became a part of everyone’s lives, and like the real world, it’s has its own trends too. Annoying people in real life and still annoying on the internet, attention seekers are still attention seekers, and stupid trends are still trending! We need these people to stop! They ruin the internet experience for everyone, and the internet would be a better place without them.


Over-sharing everything they see on the internet


Did you know that porn websites have a “sharing” option for your social media platforms? Did you know that people actually do share the videos they watch? Not just that, they post all quiz results, all articles they read, all websites they visit, and all the pictures they see. While sharing things you like isn’t particularly a bad thing, too much of it just seems…weird?

Over-sharing personal things


Sharing good, or bad, news isn’t terrible, but your Facebook page isn’t a diary. No one cares where you are, no one cares what you’re doing, no one cares what you’re feeling, and certainly no one cares how many times you pooped today. Know when to stop!

Relationship updates

You all have these couples who go from “in a relationship” to “Single” with each and every fight. Please, make sure you actually break up before changing your status. Thanks!

“I’m depressed”


Depression is a real thing. Not being in the mood for 5 minutes doesn’t make you are depressed. Let me take you by the hand to an institution to see what depression really looks like!

I’m sad, but don’t want to talk about it!

How many of you have seen this on facebook:

-I’m sad and need someone.

-What’s wrong?

-I don’t want to talk about it…

Then why are you sharing this with us?

Like if you agree, share if you like!

DON’T YOU TELL ME WHAT TO DO, INTERNET! I’m a strong independent woman and know when to share and when to like!

Save Africa and solve the Jerusalem conflict by liking this page


My problem isn’t really with the people who create these pages, it’s with the people who share them believing that they make a difference. You really think by liking a page on your phone when you’re sitting on the toilet you’d help in any social problems? Seriously?



Hear me out! We all enjoy taking selfies, and we like to share our good hair days. HOWEVER, there are some unexplainable selfies. Why would you take a selfie crying? Why would you join #SelfieAfterSex? Why did this even start? Why would you post a selfie then call yourself ugly? So many questions!


Because no one likes a hashtag abuser. #Selfie #me #followback #STFUPlease

Prank videos

Who thought it was a good idea to make a person almost have a heart attack, take a video of it, and then post it on Youtube? What’s worse is people calling them “social experiments.” Do they even know what that means?

Reacting videos


Yeah, it was funny the first few years of the internet, but no one wants to see you reacting to every single thing on the planet. Oh look, a fly! Let’s react to it and post it on the internet!! Let’s not forget people reacting to indie horror video games. If you’re not pewdiepie, no one is interested.


Now, kids! Remember, the internet is public. Think of everyone around you before you post anything. You hurt us way more than you think.