Most people get naturally nervous before an interview, particularly if it’s their first. We’re constantly seeking help and advice regarding what to do and what NOT to do in order to land the ‘dream’ job. Identity will be sharing with you some of the things you should be avoiding during interviews and providing you with alternatives.


Don’t make excuses or cancel the interview

Try your best to make it on the scheduled day and time of the interview no matter how busy you might be on that day. It’s extremely unprofessional and unpresentable to cancel an interview.


Don’t be late and make sure you are familiar with the exact location


There’s nothing worse than showing up late, sweaty and exhausted to an interview. Arrive early so you can have time to freshen up.


Don’t dress inappropriately


If you’re not sure whether you should wear a formal, semi-formal or a casual attire, just try to learn more about the place you applied for. Google the company or check out their Facebook page to get more information.


Don’t provide false information on you resume or during the interview

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Everyone has a different level of experience; don’t lie because you could be sacked if they hire you based on lies only to discover the painful the truth.


If you didn’t understand a question


It’s not rude and it’s perfectly fine to ask for clarification.


If the interviewer smokes and offers you a cigarette, don’t take it.

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Usually when an interviewer passes you a cigarette, they’re testing you. They want to know whether or not you will respect your seniors. If you must, smoke before or after the interview.


Always do your homework

Before going to an interview, always research the place and position you’re applying for, what they do and who are their clients. Check their website and Facebook page because they will probably want to know if you have any background about the organisation.


If you know who the interviewer is, stalk them!


As creepy as that sounds, but it actually helps with breaking the ice. Look up their Linkedin account or Facebook page, check their previous jobs, hobbies and interests; it will help you build rapport with them.